The ATAR calculator scales study scores based on last year’s VTAC data to generate an estimated ATAR.

Tips for using the ATAR Calculators

The accuracy of ATAR calculations may be affected by two factors: the inputted marks are only internal school marks, not external marks from actual exams, and scaling plays a significant role. Internal marks have not been moderated or scaled, and scaled external marks are not yet available.

Which subjects are included in my ATAR?

The ATAR calculation includes all study scores from all subjects. The raw score is adjusted through a scaling process to derive a scaled score, ranked from highest to lowest. 

How does this ATAR calculator work?

The ATAR calculator calculates your ATAR in 2024 by utilizing individual subject scaling from 2023 and the 2023 Aggregate to ATAR conversion.

I have more questions about ATAR!

Our blog provides comprehensive information on ATAR in 2024, covering all necessary details for those with further questions.

FAQ For ATAR Calculator

Estimating your ATAR is essential for planning your educational journey, particularly for university admissions. It gives you a realistic idea of the courses you’re eligible for, helping you set achievable goals and make informed decisions. This insight enables you to tailor your efforts toward meeting specific entry requirements and pursuing the academic path best suited to your aspirations.
To use this ATAR calculator, you need to choose at least two different subjects and input your estimated marks for each. This approach ensures a more accurate and comprehensive ATAR estimate.
ATAR score calculated according to the marks obtained by the students then ATAR average is displayed by the ATAR Calculator. It gives the idea how strong is your chances to get your goal.
Yes ATAR calculator are 99% accurate.
The ATAR score ranges from 0 to 99.95, in increments of 0.05. An ATAR of 80.00 indicates that a student is in the top 20% of their cohort, while an ATAR of 99.00 signifies that a student is in the top 1% of their cohort, and so on.
Yes, 70 is a good score but try hard to get it better so your chances become high to top among all students.
Its impossible to get more than 100 ATAR score.
Its hard but not impossible you have to try hard to get the score 90 or above.
The lowest ATAR score is below 30. Try hard to improve it for your future success and get your goal.
Its difficult to show the exact number of how many students get ATAR score above 90 but approximate number is 17.5%.
The highest possible ATAR is 99.95 because ATARs are measured in increments of 0.05. If ATARs were calculated to every decimal place, the maximum rank could be 99.99.
The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) ranges from 0.00 to 99.95 and reflects a student's position relative to their entire age group (16 to 20-year-olds in NSW). An ATAR of 80.00 indicates that the student is in the top 20% of their age group, not just their Year 12 cohort.
An ATAR can only be accessed by a student or their authorized agent. UAC does not provide ATARs to parents, schools, or student advisers.
No, your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) does not expire.
The average ATAR is usually around 70.00.
An ATAR of 80.00 means that a student is in the top 20% of their cohort while an ATAR of 99.00 means a student is in the top 1% of their cohort and so on.