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Estimate your ATAR based on your predicted subject scores and use it to build a study plan for HSC exam success.

The ATAR Calculator is a tool that helps users estimate their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) by selecting their state.

Estimation Results:

Enter your raw scores (1-100) for each subject to calculate HSC ATAR Score.

HSC ATAR Calculator

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What is the HSC and How Does it Work?

“HSC” and “Year 12” are frequently used interchangeably, referring to the final year of secondary education in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Students who successfully undertake approved subjects during Year 12 are awarded a certificate by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES).

The HSC process, steeped in myth and uncertainty for both parents and students, can be a bewildering journey. This guide seeks to illuminate and simplify critical aspects that often cause confusion.

Your HSC marks indicate your performance, calculated from the average of your HSC examination and school assessment mark, while your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) ranks you within your age group and state based on your Top 10 ATAR units.

Subjects & Extension Subjects

The HSC operates on a unit system where most courses are composed of two units, while extension subjects typically comprise one unit. During Year 12, the ATAR calculation considers the top 10 units from all completed subjects.

To enroll in an Extension 2 course in English or Mathematics, you must first successfully complete the corresponding Extension 1 course.

Internal and External Assessment:

The overall grade for a course is determined by a 50% weighting of internal marks and a 50% weighting of external exam results. Internal marks are based on the student’s relative performance within their cohort. Schools adjust assessments to ensure equity. The “Raw Mark” indicates a student’s rank within the cohort, which is then recorded by NESA along with the corresponding grade.


Two units of English contribute to your ATAR regardless of performance, even if it’s your weakest subject and you’ve completed 12 units. The HSC system can be intricate, posing challenges for newcomers and parents to grasp. KIS Academics tutors possess deep subject knowledge and provide invaluable assistance for HSC studies and subject-specific learning needs.