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The list of primary schools in Kew, Melbourne is provided.

Kew, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, is home to primary schools in inner east of Melbourne, approximately 6 kilometers east of the central business district.

Primary Schools in Kew in 2024

Kew Primary Schools List 2024

Primary School Primary School Popularity
Kew Primary School147%
Ruyton Girls’ School145%
Carey Baptist Grammar School133%
Kew East Primary School129%
Xavier College105%
Genazzano FCJ College93%
Methodist Ladies’ College56%
St Anne’s Primary School East Kew41%
Trinity Grammar School Kew32%
Sacred Heart School25%
The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School19%
Rokewood Primary School4%

Map Of Kew Primary Schools

FAQ For Primary School in Kew

Kew Primary School is the top primary school in Victoria, according to the primary school ranking in Victoria.
Boys : Kew East Primary School is an all boys primary school in Victoria.
Girls : Ruyton Girls’ School is an all Girls primary school in Victoria.

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