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The list includes primary schools in Mildura, Victoria.

Mildura, a regional city in the northwestern part of Victoria, Australia, houses primary schools within the region. Checkout here for the primary schools in north-west of Victoria.

Primary Schools in Mildura in 2024

This page provides a comprehensive table listing all primary schools in Mildura, along with their ranking, to assist parents in selecting the best school for their child.

The ranking of each school in Mildura is determined by its popularity.

Mildura Primary Schools List with Ranking 2024

RankPrimary School
1Ranfurly Primary School
2Mildura South Primary School
3Mildura Primary School
4Mildura West Primary School
5Sacred Heart Primary School
6St Paul’s Primary School

Map Of Mildura Primary Schools

FAQ For Primary School in Mildura

Ranfurly Primary School is the top primary school in Mildura, according to the primary school ranking in Victoria.

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