5 Best Primary Schools in Townsville in 2024

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The list includes primary schools in Townsville, Queensland.

Townsville offers a diverse array of primary schools catering to various needs, including academic, extracurricular, and religious affiliations, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a comprehensive education.

Townsville primary schools

This page offers an overview of top primary schools in Townsville, along with their rankings to aid in your search for the best schools in Townsville, based on their popularity.

Townsville Primary Schools List 2024

Rank SchoolSchool Popularity
1Townsville Grammar School144%
2Townsville Central State School87%
3Townsville South State School65%
4Townsville Christian College36%
5Townsville West State School28%

Map Of Townsville Primary Schools

FAQ For Primary School in Townsville

Townsville Grammar School is the top primary school in Townsville, as per the QLD primary school ranking.