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If you live in Sydney, School Finder help you in discovering the ranking of preschools nearby.

Preschools Play a crucial role in a child’s educational journey, Foundational skills development, confidence building, and overall growth.

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Look at School Finder Page for some of the best preschools in Sydney. The ranking of each preschool in Sydney is based on the preschool’s perceived Google Maps ranking.

Top 20 Preschools in Sydney 2024

Rank Preschool
1The Learning Sanctuary Sydney
2Amigoss Spanish Bilingual Childcare
3Explore & Develop Castlereagh St, Sydney – Early Learning Centre
4Little Kingdom Childcare Harrington St The Rocks
5Everlearn Preschool – Clovelly
6Montessori Preschool of Sydney
7PLC Sydney Preschools
8Dulwich Hill Preschool
9Belmore Montessori Academy Child Care Centre
10 Reddam Early Learning School
11 KU Maybanke Preschool
12Earlwood Montessori Academy Child Care Centre
13Mindchamps – Early Learning | Kindergarten | Child Care Annandale
14KU Henson Street Preschool
15North Brighton Preschool
16Blossom Preschool – Sans Souci
17Macquarie Park Montessori Academy Child Care Centre
18Cuddlez Preschool & Montessori
19 The Hills Preschool
20Leichhardt Montessori Academy Child Care Centre

MAP of Sydney Best Preschools in 2024

FAQ For Preschools in Sydney

The Learning Sanctuary Sydney is best preschool in Sydney.
Here are the list of best preschools in Sydney. With such excellent options available, you’re bound to discover the perfect preschool for your child. Click here
Preschools are for kids who are about three years old, but some may start earlier or later. Most kids leave preschool when they’re around 5 or 6, and then they go to big schools called primary schools!.
Preschools in Sydney usually cost between $60 and $160. However, many children also get funding that gives them about 600 hours of free education each year in preschool.

Reference: Sydney– Google Maps

If you’re a parent unable to pay, look into the Start Strong program by the NSW Government. It offers funding for preschool education.

If you are looking for the best school in the whole state, check out high school and primary school rankings in NSW.

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